The Relationship between Hubert Massey and Brian Moore began over 25 Years Ago. Both Massey and Moore were Mentors to Inner City Detroit Youth. The Organization was "Man To Man". It was established by Mr. Ray Johnson, and was based at the Paul Roberson Academy. Massey and Moore both shared a common interest in mentoring Detroit's Youth to believe in themselves, their capabilities, and to become positive assets to their families and community.

Today, Massey and Moore remain committed to this cause through Art, and Artistic Creations established to significantly impact and beautify public, private and community developments.

Hubert Massey

Managing Partner

His bold, vibrant images can be spotted throughout the Detroit metropolitan region. Chances are if you've visited Mexicantown, Greektown, the Cultural Center, Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, Detroit Athletic Club or any number of other landmark community attractions, you've encountered the remarkable work of master artist Hubert Massey.

An award-winning Kresge Fine Arts Fellow, his distinctive fresco murals grace the halls of such visible Michigan destinations as the Flint Institute of the Arts, Detroit Athletic Club, and his alma mater, Grand Valley State University, where he earned an honorary doctorate of fine arts in 2012.

Hubert studied at the University of London's Slade Institute of Fine Arts and later learned the centuries-old fresco technique from former assistants of legendary artist Diego Rivera.

Massey is currently commissioned fresco mural at the Detroit Regional Convention Facility Authority (DRCFA) would be the foundations first commissioned work and represent an artistic introduction to one of the most significant legacies of any American city... Detroit

Brian Moore

Managing Partner

Detroit native and degreed Engineer with over 30 years of experience in various industries such as Automotive, Aerospace and Chemical related industries. Brian's expertise includes concentrations which provide creative engineering solutions to true life situations. Brian is also vastly proficient in planning and managing multi-million dollar projects, allocating resources and resolving glitches to ensure timely results within budget. For the last 15 years, Brian has been a successful business consultant to global companies, which generate billions in revenues each year.

Brian's love and appreciation for Fine Art has led to his current focus in applying Project Management Structure, and Fundamental Engineering Principles, to enhance the planning, preparation, execution and implementation of minor and major art work development initiatives.


The Arts have proven to encourage academic performance, cultural awareness, improve decision making and stimulate forward thinking. The Arts embody our future, while serving as the Historian of our Past. Emotions derived from Inspirational Art have proven to be more significant than mere thought.

Biblically Inspired Verses (Exodus 35:31-35)

artwork Painting
artwork Sculpturing
artwork Aesthetic Designs
artwork Vintage Re-Creations


  • Conception Consulting
  • Finance and Budget Consulting
  • Application Design, Product Development
  • Program Scope Planning, Project Management
  • Artistic Depiction Layouts
  • Labor Construct Support and applicable Equipment Resources


Please feel free to touch base with us if you are a creative and dynamic Artist, and interested in joining our highly select team. Our organization is always looking for new and fresh talent. We believe that diversity and creativity in Art is essential.